Monday, September 17, 2012

A trip to Florida: Part III

When we were in Florida we visited this little landmark called the Bonet House. It was the hand built home of a famous painter and his wife, who put every ounce of creativity and love into it that their 98 year old lives could possibly produce. I immediately fell in love with this property (how could you not?!) with its bright colored beach house vibe, hand painted ceilings, vintage carasale animals, large extravagant decor and statues brought back from travels around the world, acres of magical rainforest lands, wild talking birds, white swans, dozens of turtles, ginormous oak trees and palm trees, tiki huts, circus tents, and flower filled greenhouses. It had the perfect mix of royalty with it's fancy interior (sadly we weren't allowed photos inside), to it's tropical views of the ocean, and the large open shutters bringing in the salty sea breeze. We explored for hours and I'm lusting to go back for hours more. It really is something to see!

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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

A trip to Florida: Part II

Some more photos from our wonderful week in Florida as promised! Seeing my dad, Gian's grandma and great aunt in Miami was such an additional highlight! I got to catch up on my mom's famous biscuits & chipped beef gravy too! I certainly am feeling like I'm livin' the good life, even our condo keys said so.

Still more to come! I told you there were tons.
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Monday, September 10, 2012

A trip to Florida: Part I

Last week we went on a short trip to the cute little town of Pompano Beach, FL. We rounded up a few good hours of family time too on both mine and mister's side. Between our families that live there, were in town on business, or coincidentally visiting too, we were pretty busy juggling our time with everyone but we loved loved seeing them! I  also loved how warm the water was compared to the California oceans, and I got to stay up late and lust over a couple intense thunderstorms. I had really been missing even so much as a little rain- we get nothing over here! We indulged in good seafood and cocktails and saw double rainbows as often as clouds. Our condo was right off the ocean with a wrap around balcony and the cutest tiki bar I ever did see. We made friends with the locals and had the best first real vacation we've spent together! We also had a day in Ft. Lauderdale and another in Miami, which was cool for me because I'd never been before.

Stay tuned over the next few days to see the rest of our trip in photos- There's a LOT!

Drey $ Nicole

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Repeat Button

I love the jazzy flow and roller coaster of notes in this song!
I'm obviously biased to Amy's version, but Moody makes it
sound like rich cake that was whipped together effortlessly
and it makes me really happy inside. Tonight I listening to it on repeat
while sweeping my tippy toes across our hard wood floors, (that
I mopped to a spotless shine this afternoon!) dancing to the motion
of packing for both mister and I. I like that he trusts me
completely to pick out his outfit, knickers, hats and sneakers
that he's going to have to wear for the next week. 
Good thing we know each other like the back of our hands.

What's been in your ears lately?
Drey $ Nicole

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Long Beach Livin'

My life this week via iPhone photos:
1. Bentley got in trouble for pottying in the kitchen. This was him pouting about it.
1. Getting the laundry done so we can pack our bags and fly away for awhile!
3. Anything with a teapot reminds me of my Gramma and so did drinking this 
with my pinky raised.
4. Just another summer day spent being a beach queen with my best man.
5. I love when I have to type quite and resist the urge to get up for a drink
because getting snug-o's from these two at once is too perfect to mess up.
6. Chicken Fajita night, family style the way I like.
7. omg BACON
8. We're still going strong with the loads of groceries my mom stocked us up on.
9. Sometimes you really just need to treat yourself to a double double animal style.
10. My hair is steady growing and I think it'll be just where I want it come wedding time.

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