Thursday, April 25, 2013

Doggy Beach Day

A couple days ago we packed up the pups and went to the dog beach to watch the sunset. The dog beach is on the regular beach, only they have a very large coned of section that is designated for the dogs to roam. Most of the dogs that go there are very well trained and can stay within the cones, but TX Bentley had kind of a hard time grasping the concept. He did do better this time than the last time we went, so I will give him that. He mingled with the other dogs, sprinted through the sand back and forth between G and me, and even got down close to the water on his own. He loved it! LB was social and well behaved as always, but we've noticed a huge decrease in interest since getting him nuetered. He's still friendly with other dogs, he just seems to have a shorter attention span with them. He sniffed everyone out, ran around for a little while and then was just over it. Before he was the one to keep playing even after we'd call for him and tell him we were going bye bye. I love having a place other than the yard to let them run around and let some energy out, and it's a place we can enjoy too!

PS. Aren't those daddy/doggy footprints just the cutest!?
Drey $ Nicole

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Dear Baby: Week 29

Dear Baby,
Lots has happened for us over the last few weeks. We had to do the dreaded blood glucose test to see how my body is processing sugar. I had to fast and then drink a super sugary drink, wait an hour and then get my blood taken. The drink was pretty tasty despite what I'd heard, but I almost blacked out during the hours wait. I've come to find out the reason for that and for other recent light headed spells are because I've picked up anemia. The baby Dr. prescribed iron pills, so we should be feeling better soon! We've started visiting her every two weeks now, and the next couple times we go we're seeing someone new. They want us to get familiar with all of the staff so we feel comfortable with whoever happens to be on call when you decide to make your big appearance. Fingers crossed that it's the one we've been seeing the last 8 months though. I'm back to being pretty tired all the time again, my energy runs out fast. I feel the best when we go on our walks, stay active and eat light meals. I've been sleeping pretty good through the night once I can actually fall asleep. My body pillow has been a real lifesaver. It's getting hard to do little things like pick something up from the ground, stand up from our low bed, shave my legs, etc. When I think about it too hard I start to feel a little claustrophobic in this body, so I have to detour my mind and think about the positive. We got your carseat and stroller this week and we're so in love! We chose a British brand that is sharp, slim and sleek. You're going to look so handsome riding around! Knock on wood I don't have any stretch marks at this point, however I feel like my belly is stretched as far as it will go and we still have 10 weeks left. I'm going to continue caking on the coconut oil twice a day and hope for the best! See you soon little bear! We love you! -XOXO MAMABEAR

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Long Beach Livin'

My life this week (more like the last two!) via iPhone photos:

1. All stocked up with Trader Joe's goodies is the very best
2. Marrying into a family of Italians who own a restaurant means the best tiramisu at anytime
3. Tx Bentley still very much attached to the bump at all times + 27 week belly
4. Took the blood glucose test. The drink was not so bad but I almost blacked out within the hour
5. Busted out the Apple Cider Vinegar for a tiny cold/sinus spell
6. Finally ran all the government errands needed to get my last name changed after our wedding almost half a year ago
7. I've been sore from prenatal workouts so I walked it out on the beach
8. I decided my first request after giving birth will be in & out. I'll be starving, right?!

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Drey $ Nicole

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Repeat Button

Today quicky became another Amy Winehouse watching day. Between youtube and this concert on dvd Mr got me for Christmas, it tends to happen a lot. While watching my dvd today I couldn't help but play this song a few times. As much as I dislike her husband, I love how she draws an air heart and points to him up in the box seats. You can tell she's singing this song for him, about him, and is totally overcome with passion for him. Songs with meaning and feeling make for the best performances and she sure was perfect at it.

Drey $ Nicole

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Long Beach Livin'

My life (mostly food!) this week via iPhone photos:

1. Thank God for nitrate free hotdogs from Trader Joe's so I could finally have some of husband's gourmet creations again.
2. An ombre OPI manicure
3. I made so much banana bread and my house never smelled better
4. The baby app told me to treat myself so, these happened
5. My daily fruit, yogurt, granola snack
6. Mr made egg + sharp cheddar quiche muffins with bell tomato, onion and bell pepper

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Drey $ Nicole

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Dear Baby: Week 26

Dear Baby,
You officially have a place to lay your little head and it looks so comfy that I sometimes just wanna crawl in there and take a nap. Your papa picked out a stuffed bear for you, and as you'll come to know, he has a little bit of a bear obsession. He liked it because it looks like a real life bear, and not the typical plush teddy. He's already waiting for you in the corner of your crib. I can't wait to see you lug him around everywhere and even name him when you start to talk. Your favorite times to move are very late at night, when there's music playing, and when I drink a lot of water at once. These must be a few of your favorite things and I just love getting to know your personality already. I'm sure you noticed the amount of sweets I've been feeding you lately. They're the only real craving I've had this whole time and they've been attacking for a couple weeks now. I've loved baking so many new things, but I think the urges are finally dying down. It's a good thing too because I have to take the blood glucose test at the Dr. next week to check for diabetes. We always have very healthy results across the board though, so I'm not too worried about it. Packages of clothing and things just for you are slowly coming in from friends and family, and your wardrobe is just adorable. We're coming up on week 27 in two days, and that means we'll be in the third and final stage! The books say that by this time and on you have a very good chance of surviving if you were to come out, but as much as we can't wait to see you, you have my permission to stay in there for three more months. I'd rather you finish your last little developments and be fully ready to come home with us when you get out then stuck in a sterile hospital. Besides, if your gonna come out of my comfy belly, you're gonna want the easy transition to your cozy crib at home and not the hard hospital one. A few people lately have asked if I'm around 3 months and are totally shocked when I correct them and say 6. They're probably just trying to be nice but it always makes my day anyway. As long as you're growing and are healthy in there, I don't care how I look right now. Mama and Papa love you little cub! XOXO MAMABEAR