Saturday, November 17, 2012

Surprise Bachelorette Party

My bestfriend/Maid of Honor, Siera put together a very sneaky surprise bachelorette party for me! What I thought was going to be a small "girls night out" turned out to be a very festive decorated house, complete with gag gifts, yummy finger foods and pre-clubbing drinks. We played a couple bachelorette games, one of which I had to judge the best toilet paper wedding dress- that was fun! Then we cabbed it to the bar and danced the night away in celebration of my last days of being single. Oh, and I felt like Madonna all night in my handmade- by Siera- veil headpiece and white lace fingerless gloves. I couldn't have asked for a better night and I'm so thankful to my long time bestie for throwing it all together!
7 days 'til wedding time!
Drey $ Nicole

Friday, November 16, 2012

This & That: Wedding Edition

1. We found these white feathers at a local craft store and dipped each one in gold for a little flare.
2. I will be wearing this amazing chevron necklace by Nikki Lorraine with my dress on the special day! Check out her online shop here to see more.
3. We painted these his & her wooden cutouts to match the rest of our wedding decor, and then sprayed a little gold glitter over the top of them for a sparkle when the lights hit them.
4. I made TONS of these paper flowers to cover some not-so-wedding-appropriate murals on our venues walls. 
5. I'm wearing this delicate little handmade feather by pomp & plumage in my hair on our day. Check out their etsy shop for more of their pretty handmade goods.

Stay posted for more wedding news! We're only 8 days away and counting!
Drey $ Nicole

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Rub-A-Dub-Dub, Doing Laundry in the Tub

In preperation for the wedding and the two weeks worth of packing that needs to be done, we finally decided to tackle the overwhelming mounds of laundry we'd been building up for the last couple of months. Only this time I wanted to try something different. I finally got fed up with feeding the laundry mat meters 30 dollars ever time we went, only to have 10 of those dollars eaten, never to be returned, because of the 50/50 chance of it being out of order. Instead, we decided to do it ourself at home in the tub! After seeing it done on a documentary called No Impact Man, we tossed a load in bathtub, put the normal amount of detergent, and ran the water. Once all the clothes were covered with water, we rolled up our jeans, hoped on in (with clean feet of course!) and giggled with each other as we held hands for balance and walked all over them. When the water started losing it's bubbles and turning brown, (gross, right?!) we drained it, repeated step 1, drained it again, and then used the shower head to spray it clean one last time! That whole part was fun and easy and I found myself asking why we hadn't started this sooner. Drying the clothes however, was a different story. That thing that washers do at the end of each cycle, where it spins really fast to get all of the water out of the clothes....totally necessary. We had to squeeze the water out of each individual garment, then hang them on the line to dry, only to continue dripping from there. If you're going to try this, be prepared to wait overnight (or two!) before these clothes are dry enough to wear. They also dry a little stiff when you air dry, but it's nothing a little shake and heat from the hair dryer won't fix! We decided that if we're going to keep this up for awhile, we;re not going to let our laundry basket overflow before doing it. We're also going to put aside $30 every time we do a load at home, to go towards our "Washer and Dryer Fund." Hopefully it won't take too long!

Drey $ Nicole

Friday, November 2, 2012

Surprise Birthday Bash

Yesterday G turned 26 and I threw him a surprise bbq in our backyard. He got home from work and opened a few gifts, then we went in the back to "let the dogs out" and our friends were there waiting with a big "SURPRISE" shout! It was so much fun to see his face and know he was absolutely not expecting it. This was my first time ever putting together a surprise party, and his first time to have recieved one. We grilled burgers & hotdogs, had pizza, chips & dip, booze and an appearance from the Bentleys! (That pretty much consisted of begging for food.) When it got dark we moved everything inside and continued chatting until bedtime. I loved having our closest friends over to eat and celebrate!

Drey $ Nicole