Saturday, September 1, 2012

Long Beach Livin'

My life this week via iPhone photos:
1. Bentley got in trouble for pottying in the kitchen. This was him pouting about it.
1. Getting the laundry done so we can pack our bags and fly away for awhile!
3. Anything with a teapot reminds me of my Gramma and so did drinking this 
with my pinky raised.
4. Just another summer day spent being a beach queen with my best man.
5. I love when I have to type quite and resist the urge to get up for a drink
because getting snug-o's from these two at once is too perfect to mess up.
6. Chicken Fajita night, family style the way I like.
7. omg BACON
8. We're still going strong with the loads of groceries my mom stocked us up on.
9. Sometimes you really just need to treat yourself to a double double animal style.
10. My hair is steady growing and I think it'll be just where I want it come wedding time.

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