Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Funnel Cakes and Caramel Apples

The squeals, screeches and laughter you begin to hear as you pull into the lot, the instant smell of all things fried, the pigs, goats and cows, the ringing bells and sirens of the games, the proud papas and husbands that finally won their girl a prize,  the funnel cakes and caramel apples, the tiny face painted girls and the cute moments in the photobooth, the colorful lights, neon signs and shiny chrome rides flicking your wide eyes in every direction. Yep, the state fair is a magical place.

Drey $ Nicole

Friday, July 27, 2012

Friday Finds: Tropical Islands

This weeks finds had me feeling like a tropical island surfer queen! The bright beach colors, flowers, leaves, skies and waters just scream summertime. These finds have me dreaming of a backyard get together, beachy bonfire, early morning breakfasts outside, and relaxing with friends to some surf influenced tunes!
Get this perfect Italian vintage ceramic Bitossi Ashtray for the surfer in you!

Snagged this amazing Beach Boys record with some classic surf style tunes!
This pair of vintage drinking jars are screaming to hold the iced lemonade and orange juice at your next outdoor family style brunch! I love the pattern with it's oranges, leaves and floral print!
Wear this silk beauty daily as a robe around the house, and out by the pool or beach as a bold and tropical bathing suit cover-up!
A simple and bold pop of color in this vintage leafy pillowcase cover. It also has a cute zipper across the back that I just love!
Mister even finished this tropical week off by surprising me with these flowers! How fitting!

See ya next week with more finds!
Drey $ Nicole

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Shabby Apple

A couple weeks ago I won a Shabby Apple giveaway over at The Antique Pearl. I browsed for hours, got opinions from my besty, ordered my pick and eagerly waited for it's arrival. Well the wait is over, my skirt is here, and let me tell you: I'M ABSOLUTELY SMITTEN! I was a little worried because according to their size chart, I had to go down a size from my usual fit, and I thought that maybe they were underestimating the junk in my trunk. Turns out it fits like a glove, like it was custom made for my body, a perfect fit! The quality is top notch, the packaging was super cute, and it's as comfortable as shorts or sweats, only looks fabulous! I think I'm hooked.

Thanks again to Shabby Apple and The Antique Pearl for the giveaway!
Drey $ Nicole

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Too Cute Tuesday: Dog Park

We took a trip to the dog park again today by bike, dogs in tow, and they absolutely love riding in our baskets. They just curl up in the blankets we stuff in there for padding, relax, and let the 30mph wind blow through their hair and flop their ears around, eyes half open and enjoying the warmth of the sun on their backs while we do all the hard peddling up and down these California hills. The life of a spoiled rotten pup. No but I love these trips. Bike riding is so much more fun with a little one in tow, and I feel like I have to be more careful and gentle on the bumps; My maternal instincts come out and I get super protective and pay more attention to my surroundings. Plus the dog park is only a 25 minute bike ride away and not only is it good exercise, it's a chance for me to enjoy the scenery a little more than I would be able to had I been driving a car, cause God knows I've almost slammed into many cars with my wandering eyes in this town. Less about the bike ride there, more about the actual dog park. Here is our trip in pictures:

Mister and TX Bentley have had such the cutest little bond lately. I'm in love with that picture of them together nose to nose! As always he kept running and jumping up in our laps instead of mingling with the other pups like LB Bent. That's okay with us though, we love cuddles and we know he still appreciates getting to go out and enjoy the sun and some fresh air!

Drey $ Nicole

Monday, July 23, 2012

Here's to you, Amy

If you know me, you know how very much I love everything about Amy Winehouse. Her vintage style, pinup girl look, and that flawless vocal ability.  Today marks the one year anniversary of her death at the age of 27, and  I being extremely heartbroken over it myself, can only imagine what her parents are going through on a day like today. Just two months after her death, my dad and I visited her home in Camden, England where she took her last breath in her bed. It was still a recent tragedy at the time, and there were tribute candles, hand written letter, empty vodka handles lying around, (kind of disrespectful if you ask me, given the fact that she literally drank herself to death) and inked messages all over the trees outside of her home. We added our own little notes to those trees, and I proceeded to break the law and reach into her deep mailbox, hoping to get an envelope with her name on it. (Terrible, I know. It was empty anyway) We also saw her spiky blonde haired dad peeping out of the window at us. I sometimes have days where I watch her music videos all day long, and then interviews with her mourning dad that just make me cry for hours and get me in the worst gloomy mood. I can't help it though, I'm addicted. There's just so much passion and eagerness inside of me that wishes I could have helped her in some way, and she'd still be here today. It's easy to get angry over it all and want to spit in the face of her awful drug addict ex husband. He introduced her to the habits and drove her to the madness and heartbreak after their split. Anyway, I will probably be doing the above today, watching interviews, blasting her music and being bummy. I may even have a shot or two in her honor.

RIP Amy Jade
Drey $ Nicole

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Repeat Button

I couldn't help but think of this song all weekend long, every time I heard the word Aurora and the talk about the heartbreaking tragedy that took place in Aurora, Co Friday night. On my third round into this song on repeat, I searched for the blog belonging to one of the lives taken that night. Just last month the victim, Jessica Redfield, went off a gut feeling and escaped being caught up in a deathly shooting in a mall by only three minutes. In this particular blog post she shares her thoughts on that day, and the words are so eery and ironic given the horrific way her life was taken only two days ago. Just like last weeks repeat button, I was brought to tears and moved internally when combining the chilling words along with this beautiful music by one of my favorites, Bjork. If you haven't already read this blog post for yourself, I suggest you give it go HEREand give this magical song a listen. (Or two or three or four.)

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Friday, July 20, 2012

Weekend Sale!

In honor of the highly anticipated 'Dark Knight Rises' release this weekend, we're kicking off a sale over at our Etsy shop! Going on right now through Sunday at 9pm, you can receive a 20% off discount on anything in the store using the promo code BATMAN at checkout. You're welcome!

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Thursday, July 19, 2012


Mister and I tried out a local favorite for lunch today. It's a bright colored Mexican Diner called Lola's, mixed amoungst the wonderful vintage shops of Retro Row. We've passed it loads of times and the look of the place has always caught my eye, so I was super excited to see the inside! Turns out, it's the cutest sugar skull, tattoo themed, catholic decor havin' diner, with bright hair colored waitresses that have the most fun personalities! It became an instant favorite for us and we'll probably end up going weekly.
Even the bathroom is adorable!

Drey $ Nicole

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Top Ten Beach Must Haves

Today I'm going to share with you my top ten absolute beachy bare necessities. When I forget even one of the following, my beach trip usually ends up getting cut a bit short, and I can't quite get settled into my sandy little setup. I hope you can use my musts as a checklist to make your next beach trip a complete success!
Sure you put on sunscreen, but a lot of people forget about their lips! After getting the worst blistery lip sunburn of my life, I never skip on the chapstick. Blistex spf is my favorite!
Of course you don't go in the sun without your favorite pair of sunnies!
Reading in the sun is soo relaxing! I always take some sort of reading material whether it be a magazine, novel, or most recently this crafty book!
Sunscreen, sunscreen, sunscreen! I love this brand because it's infused Aloe moisturizes your skin while preventing burn.
I always put a little dark tanning oil over my sunscreen for a bronzy glow. Never apply without sunscreen underneath, you'll super bake!
Ear buds for my pandora app. Music makes it 100 times better.
Jumping waves builds up a real appetite fast! Even if I have something before I leave, I can always count on needing a snack after some time in the water. I usually take a good ol' PB&J. (When my littles don't get to it first!)
When I'm riding solo I roll up one of our beach towels, otherwise we take a big mexican blanket to share. Forgetting a towel and laying on your clothes is the worst when you put them back on and their damp!
A small lunchbox or purse makes for the perfect head rest while your laying out. I also use it to house my phone or ipod to keep the sand from blowing into my screen. 
Most importantly, lots and lots of water. The salt water, sun, and hot sand will have you parched in minutes and you'll be miserable without something to drink. It is so important to stay hydrated when you're out in the sun sweating all your bodies water away. I always grab the biggest bottle I can find when heading out.

Hope you're having fun in the sun!
Drey $ Nicole

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Repeat Button

I've loved this song since it first came out a couple years ago, but I stumbled upon this amazing live version today. I picked this to share over the official video because although the quality is not as polished, she gets more raw and I feel more emotion listening to this version. You can really hear her singing talent and see how easy it seems for her to belt it out and get gritty too. Today was the first time I heard this song since my fella has been in the picture, and when I heard it this time it took on a whole new meaning for me. A few versus in I started tearing up and by the time the chorus came around they completely busted out. I feel so lucky to have him and every lyric in this song sums it up completely.

Drey $ Nicole

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Long Beach Livin'

My life this week via iPhone Photos:

1. Goggle glasses by William Rast
2. A theatre showing only one movie at only 3, 5, 7pm
3. Babes made a tuna sammich/sushi smile!
4. Apparently someone never learned modesty around here!
5. The most ridiculous douchebag car makeover ever seen
6. Beach cruiser bike heaven
7. Long Beach after dark rules, shhhh
8. Bentley's always on his boob pillow
9. The other Bentley caught nappin' like a human again
10. A tricked out moped (Yes, there is a rooster on top)
11. The cutest little man playing his accordian for all
12. These two kill me when they snuggle each other

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