Monday, February 27, 2012

Repeat Button

Super high and light VS. super low and raspy. They both win! I can't get these two videos off repeat lately. I'll play one four times in a row, go back to the other and do the same, over and over and over and over. What are you pouring into your ears lately?

Drey $ Nicole

P.S. - I'm also loving Stone's cover of "Is this Love" and Lamontagne's song "Hold you in my Arms." (Which made me wanna slow dance with mister so so tight!) Such good stuff!

Sunday, February 26, 2012

A dose of Drey: Fact #6

A dose of Drey: Fact #6
I love those little dancing statue of liberty people. They're so energetic and excited all the time! They're pumped on their job which, let's face it, can't be that motivating. And I love waving back at them. They freak out and get overjoyed like they were defeated before, when no one was waving back to them and their self esteem was almost off. Their eyes pop, they hold eye contact and they start waving even faster. Makes me laugh! Making someone's day makes my day.

P.S. - Let me just say this is a very poor example of what I mean by energetic and excited.

Pay your taxes,
Drey $ Nicole

Sunday, February 19, 2012

California for Valentines

I've never been one for the not-a-real holiday they call 'Valentines,' but this year was different. Maybe I was just with all the wrong people before now, but mister certainly blew every love story out of the water. (Yes, even the Notebook.) My day started still in bed with my favorite Starbucks drink made just right, and a sweet little harmonica playing session by Gian. Then the little sneaky sneak brought out a heart covered bag of goodies, a dozen roses, a plush pink teddy, and a PENGUIN balloon while I was out walking the pups. (Did you know I'm obsessed with penguins and when they find their love they mate for life? Hint hint. Awwww!) Inside the bag was a super cute dress, hoop earrings and a lego ring that he had picked out for me at a local vintage store before I even got here. I'm normally extremely picky with clothing and would advise anyone to just not gift shop for me in that department, but he did so good I couldn't believe it! We had a day full of reservations that were all secrets to me, but the whole town knew about it already. Can I just say how sweet and friendly everyone in Long Beach is by the way? I've never gotten so many hugs, warm welcomes, and "we've heard so much about you" in my life! Everyone knows each other and looks out for each other and you can't walk a block without running into a friend! Anyhow, I was told to get ready while he chopped it up in the kitchen for our first surprise. Picnic on the beach! We had the most secluded spot with a picnic blanket, beach umbrella, and deli sandwiches to die for. Who knew sandwiches could even be that good!? The perks of dating a chef. We ate and played in the water and slow danced and spun and laughed and drew our names in the sand and it was really a big disgusting cheese fest, but it was perfect. We met up with a friend and had a pitcher of THE BEST BEER EVER called strawberry blonde, at our new found favorite spot, BBC. We've been there four times this week but that's a whole other topic I'll get to another time. We hurried home and I was told to put on something I wouldn't mind getting a little dirty...Hmm. I was so confused and nervous but it ended up being a pottery class! Que the awww's once more! I think he was just trying to impress me because he was really good at it, but he swears it was just his first time too. They gave us wine, dimmed the lights, and played the song from that pottery scene in ghost! Too funny! We get a call in 6 to 8 weeks to go back and glaze them and bring them home. So excited to see how they turn out! Next stop was a fancy smancy dinner at a fine dining restaurant called Nico's. Of course Gian knows the owner like he knows everyone so he sent a bottle of wine and desserts to our table. Dinner was candle-lit and amazing across the board, and to prove that, I'll just say it pretty much sealed the deal for the whole day, whole seven years we've known each other, and ended in a big fat ENGAGEMENT! Best life.

Happiest of happys,
Drey $ Nicole

Saturday, February 18, 2012

A dose of Drey: Fact #5

A Dose of Drey: Fact #5
I'm obsessed with sunglasses. I’ve got a pair in every purse, every room in my house, every nook and cranny in my car, and yet I still look when I see a display at the store, and still buy. I’ve got ever color, shape and design you can image. I even have a pair that fold up and turn into a kitty cat! Sunglasses are the perfect accessory, and they even do the job of protecting your eyes on the side! You really can’t have too many pairs of sunglasses. Are yall with me?!

Sun and shades,
Drey $ Nicole

Thursday, February 16, 2012

College Park Center opens

Earlier this month the local college had a grand opening for a brand new basketball stadium. Thanks to my job I got tickets to opening night! Olly and I went last minute and had a blast. With a ribbon cutting ceremony, halftime show, news reporters, and lively atmosphere, it was kind of awesome! I'm so excited that they're turning this area into a pretty nice little college town. We're getting cute little eat in's, bike friendly lanes, and making everything more accessible for walking distances. Makes me want to get involved and show support and spirit! I'd love it to eventually be a whole lot like Austin, but I think that's a little stretch. Anyway, the stadium is like a mini American Airlines Center, so nice! Whether you're into basketball or not, I'd encourage you to go to an event here at least to see it. If you're a local it'll make you proud! (p.s. - I hear Drake will be playing there real soon. Of course all the students sold the place out in a matter of minutes, but how exciting for a new venue so close!)

Show your spirit,
Drey $ Nicole

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

A dose of Drey: Fact #4

A dose of Drey: Fact #4
I blow a kiss at those little crosses on the side of the road representing someone passing in that exact spot. My heart hurts every time I see one and I just feel sad for everyone involved. I wonder every time what exactly happened. Were they drinking and driving, did they get run off the road, fall asleep at the wheel? What did they look like, how old were they, what’d they do for a living? There are a few around my town that I’ve driven by on an almost daily basis for years now, and I feel a weird sort of attachment or closeness to them since I’ve blown a kiss multiple times and thought about their story. I know I'm not the only one who does this, right?

Drive safe lovlies,
Drey $ Nicole

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Too Cute Tuesday: Valentines Edition

In honor of Valentines Day I thought I'd bring a few special guests into this Too Cute Tuesday! I'M IN CALIFORNIA!!! Say hello to my mister, my bestie Siera J, an old friend Natey from back home, and a new friend Lynnsee! I love you cuties!

Happy heart day love birds,
Drey $ Nicole

Monday, February 13, 2012

The miracle superfood

I've been growing the miracle superfood called wheatgrass for awhile now, and here's why! Although it literally taste like freshly mowed grass from the lawn, and you need an orange to the mouth quick after a shot, the health benefits of wheatgrass are far worth the brief taste issue. Plus it's super easy and fun to grow! Not to mention works double as a cool plant addition in your home! One time, long ago before I started all this, I ordered a shot at Jamba Juice and ten minutes later puked it all up from healthy overload, no kidding. Once you get all the toxin junk out of your body though, and get in the habit of a daily shot, you won't feel so nauseous. In fact, you're body will feel worse without it. To hear all about the benefits of this amazing plant, just go here. (He's a little wacky but good to look at, and if you can get through the weirdness, he really knows what he's talking about!) Then when you're all informed and motivated to grow your own, (cause I know you will be!) come back here and I'll teach you the way I grow my wheatgrass!

-I use hard red winter wheat berries from Whole Foods.
-Put 1 cup of seeds in a mason jar or glass of water, and let it soak over night.
-The next day, strain it and rinse the seeds thoroughly a couple of times, dump all the water out, and set it aside (Do this twice a day, about every 12 hours)
-After about a day and a half, you'll start seeing little sprouts shoot up.
-Lay the sprouted seeds evenly spread over a thin layer of wet, organic soil in a seed grazing tray. Should look something like this:

-Cover it with a piece of newspaper and pour a little water over it to get the paper damp.

-Keep it dark and moist like this for a couple days, then uncover and you'll see pretty long sprouts like this:

-Your grass is ready for sunlight. Move it over to a window, and water it a couple times a day.

-Three or four days later, it will be ready to cut, juice and drink!

A little shot of healthy! (Trust me though, you'll need the orange.)

Cheers to health,
Drey $ Nicole

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Twisted Root

My town recently got a Twisted Root Burger joint and I can't say enough, go go go! It's so witty and cute inside! The menu mainly consist of burgers but there are a lot of interesting topping creations, along with veggie, buffalo, and viel burgers! First time around I got the verde, with green chili, guaq and pepperjack cheese. More recently I've gotten Big Tex, with cheddar cheese, guac, fried onion strings and chipotle sauce. Both amazing and worth a try! May I also recommend what was written in sharpie on the wall, "p.s. get an adult shake." I listened. The vodka wedding cake shake was delish, but enough for two. Date idea anyone? When you place your order, you get a little card that tells what to listen for when they call you on the overhead speaker. They are all famous people's names so it's fun to hear them calling out "Audrey Hepburn, your food is ready!" (That's who I got by the way. Yeah, I'll take that!) The whole space is so cool. There's kind of an 80's vibe going on in there, playing hair band metal, and a whole rv turned bar on wheels right inside. It's kind of beachy, college, saved by the bell hang out type of spot. I'm just in love with this place and I'm going to take everyone I know.

Audrey $ Hepburn

Saturday, February 11, 2012

A dose of Drey: Fact #3

A dose of Drey: Fact #3
I get flat tires and run out of gas more than anyone I know. I guess I'm just not a car maintenance kind of girl. Isn't that what dads, brothers, and husbands are for anyway? This mornings drive to work resulted in shivering curb sittin' alone at 7am. Big thanks to my good friend Gavin once again for coming to the rescue! Even across town on a cold early morning you can count on him to be there when ya need it!

Womp womp,
Drey $ Nicole