Saturday, May 26, 2012

Strollin' through the LB

I've found myself looking forward to the weekends for my wonderful afternoon strolls with the pups. Mister works close so we head out about an hour before he gets off, to walk slow and truly take in our surroundings. Long Beach has such a retro, vintage, laid back vibe, mixed with some of the most beautiful trees and flowers I've seen anywhere. The weather is always the perfect 75 degrees, so you can imagine the endorphines that take over when the vitamin d starts soaking in. By the time we arrive to greet papa I'm clear headed, happy glowing, and smiling from ear to ear!

Beach House colors Pop /// Vintage Mailboxes
Flower Rows /// Huge windows on Old Homes
These smell like warm vanilla /// Purple Haze trees are my favorite
Architecture /// Green on Green on Green
Cactus Yard /// Sunset House
Retro Apartments /// Weeping Willows are so Beautiful
Homeless Foodies /// VW Vans are everywhere

Get outside today and see the beautiful details you've been over looking in your neighborhood!

Drey $ Nicole

Friday, May 25, 2012

Long Beach Livin'

My life this week via smartphone photos:

1. Our favorite breakfast spot 2. Love this sweet curtain pattern
3. Delicious home made pho bun 4. Miller Memorial Day edition
5. I chopped my locks 6. Quilted tent and Stars magic
7. Chopped bell peppers and Tofu for tacos 8. Pumpkin Bread with Cream Cheese
9. Strawberry Shortcake 10. Salmon Dinners are my Fav
11. Spotted a Seal in knee deep water! 12. Sicky Boy :(

Have a lovely weekend,
Drey $ Nicole

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Dream Job: Day One!

Normally I'd instagram my pictures before posting, just because I like the squareness of them on the blog, but these (mostly accidental) pictures I took today came out too perfect to mess with.

After prepping from 3-7am for our pop up shop with just one hour sleep under our belts, (thanks mick jagger for being too hilarious on saturday night live for me to block out so I could snooze) we began our very first selling day. The weeks leading up to this day I was secretly so so nervous people weren't going to like the things we one by one hand picked to sell, and that we'd wasted so much time and money on it all. But with each customer that bought something, we had a pleasant conversation about the uniqueness of the pieces, and the memories that certain items brought back for them. Gian turned to me a couple times and said, "It's really cool when I over hear some of the older people saying things like 'Oh that's so classic!' and 'that's the pattern my grandma had!' It's reassuring that we have legitimate things." I couldn't agree more. I had a music box for sale wound up throughout the entire day, and people would come up and say "There it is! We've been looking for that sound!" and "I had one just like this in my room as a little boy, it's bringing back a lot of memories." It feels so cool to see how excited people get over seeing something that makes them feel warm and fuzzy, and that I could do that for them, just by doing what I love. I didn't even feel like I was at work today. Being surrounded by all these homey vintage items I adore, meeting wonderful souls for people, strange street fashion watching, I could do it every day. My sunburned skin couldn't though.

(Top left photo) Gian exchanging money with our second, and one of my favorite customers.) Such a beautiful mom and daughter and they were so genuinely sweet! She was so excited to get her new bracelet, she opted out on a bag and put it on her wrist straight away. I love that!

P.S. I am SO lucky to have a guy that will support and participate in everything I want to do. He seriously slept an hour, stayed by my side from 3am to 3pm for the pop up shop, and dragged himself to WORK as a chef at 4pm! With a sunburn! Dehydrated, hot, and exhausted! 

On cloud nine,
Drey $ Nicole

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Sunday Funday: Doggy Beach

Today we took the Bentleys to the doggy beach! Neither of them had ever been to the beach before, so I was mostly excited to see how they would react to the sand and the water. Based on our daily walks around the neighborhood, I didn't anticipate Dallas Bentley wanting to play with the other dogs, he's pretty antisocial. I knew Long Beach Bent would love it though! He's always gone up to any dog, big or small, and become instant bff's with them. Once they got in the sand, they acted like they didn't know where to go. They kept looking around and back up at us like they were confused, but they seemed to like it! Most of the dogs were much bigger than ours and they all seemed to be picking on my small little runt, but LB Bentley was like one of their own, prancing around with all them like a big dog! He kept ending up further and further down the strip getting lost in play, but he'd always come running back full speed and check in with us! While the shy one was glued to my side for protection, I tried to ease him into the water as the waves snuck up, but he wouldn't have a thing to do with it. The whole day was so much fun though! We were like proud parents watching them interact with other pups, and we had huge smiles on our faces the whole time!

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Royal Cup Cafe

The other night we had dinner at the cutest little coffeehouse and cafe I ever did see. They served their drinks in mason jars, and the paninis were heaven! I'm a sucker for any well lit, festive looking area and I love the brick walls that display some of the local's artwork. There's lots of cozy nooks, recliners, couches, and even a living room set up towards the back, fully equipped with a coffee table, rug and television, just like home. Siera J joined us for some much needed catching up, and I got to share some wedding details with her since she's my maid of honor and all! Royal Cup is definitely on my list of faves around LB town!

Drey $ Nicole

Friday, May 11, 2012

Long Beach Livin'

My week via smartphone photos:

1. So much chinese food 2. Baby blues
3. Lettuce wrap lunches 4. Everyone has a mirror pic
5. Green Tea & Passion Fruit= Favs 6. Mister's day off request is funny
7. In love with Fitness Boxing!! 8. We might buy the orange bike
9. Working online at the coffeshop 10. Lovebug cuddles
11. Starbuck's Frappe Happy Hour Week!

Happy Weekend!
Drey $ Nicole