Thursday, March 13, 2014

Baby Bliss

I'm gonna have to do catch up posts in between up-to-date posts because he's doing new incredible things everyday lately that I don't want to forget! The biggest new change this month is how much he's started showing us affection and just being the sweetest little joy ball! He smiles and scrunches his nose any time we happen to lock eyes from across the room or in the middle of playing, and then goes back about his business. He cries when I leave the room and his face lights up when I come back. He says mama as he's crying when he hurts himself and wants to be nurtured, (the first word he's connected to something!) and he lays his head on my shoulder or nuzzles his face in my neck, not only when he's tired but just to cuddle and show love. He turns to look at me when someone else is holding him or makes him laugh, like he has to make sure it's okay first and I approve. When he's nursing and looking up at me he'll put his hand over my mouth for clammy palm kisses and he smiles and smiles. He's so good at finding ways to communicate lately or figure out how to do things for himself, along with so much personality starting to shine through. It's magical to watch and seven months is just down right fun! All I'm saying is he sure knows how to make me feel like a million bucks and being his mama truly makes my heart swell.

Drey $ Nicole

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