Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Florida 2013 [ Leo's first trip ] Part Two

After spending the night at my dad's in Tampa we all drove to Daytona Beach to stay the rest of the week. We've gone to Daytona every year for a pretty long time (Last year was G's first time to join the family there) and this time was very different with a newborn in tow. Leo loved being outside and for the most part, he would fall asleep immediately after stepping out the door because it was just so warm. I had my first drink in over a year but it was kinda overrated. Leo alone is such a better feeling than any kind of alcohol or anything you miss out on that whole 9 months. We walked the boardwalk, shopped the flea market and stopped for car racing. G made a maker's mark for my stepdad's birthday because it's his favorite drink. It wasn't the most shapely cake but I never called him a baking and pastry chef! The two of the went golfing as usual, and we swam the lazy river and ocean. I thought Leo was too young to get in the swimming pool but I can't wait until next time when he can enjoy all of it! It was so weird being there with my husband and son after being there as a 12 year old and on. How life changes!

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