Sunday, June 22, 2014

Leo's first Baseball Game

Last night we took Leo to his very first baseball game, which is a pretty big deal in our family. We waited until he was old enough to enjoy it for himself and for the Rangers to come to town. He had the best reaction to it all and we could tell he totally loved it. Then again he is our kid after all so he kind of had no choice but to. As a girl who started going to Ranger games with her dad as a baby, it was so exciting to experience this first of many with our baby!

^^^He clapped and wooed and got rowdy every time the rest of the stadium did!^^^

^^^He laughed and danced at all the music and sound effects all night!^^^

^^^He finally fell asleep around 10pm when the game went into a 10th inning^^^
^^^Of  course he woke up as soon as the fireworks started and loved it! Another first!^^^

The Rangers lost but that's how things go right?! We had the best time anyway!

Drey $ Nicole

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