Sunday, April 29, 2012

Easy Chalkboard DIY

A few weeks ago I found a plain wooden shelf out on the curb for the trash man. Originally I was going to use the wood to create a table top for something else, but my imagination got ahead of me. While working on another project for the wedding that called for chalkboard paint, I got a little carried away and wanted to paint it on everything in sight! The next day I found a stack of paint samples I stashed last time I was at home depot, and this boring shelf quickly transformed into a multi purpose message board. I thought we'd use the board to display at the entrance of the wedding ceremony and reception! Since we're trying to stay within a reasonable budget, it's a plus that all the supplies used for this project were free! (Apart from the chalkboard paint: $11 and plenty left for many more arts&crafts) While everyone in the world isn't planning a wedding, the board is a cute way to display other things too, like to-do's, grocery lists, sweet love notes, and chore duties! Here are the easy steps to creating your very own message board.

First you will need:
A sheet of wood, hot glue gun, paint sample strips, chalkboard paint, chalk

Start out with a clean, smooth piece of wood. Sand and prime if needed.

Paint the surface with a few coats of your chalkboard paint, and let it dry overnight. 

Lay your paint sample strips out with the color blending you like, and use your hot glue gun to hold them in place. Make sure to glue each strip down for a more polished look, because the layers of each strip will create flaps. You can stop here, or keep going for a few extra touches!

Add, remove, and switch out some special details for different occasions to get the most out of your board. The wedding is a bit of a ways away, so for now we're using our board as seen above.  When the day comes, were going to add these wooden pieces to display the date, and write "Giancarlo & Andrea Wedding" in cursive with colored chalk! You can place it on an easel or prop it against a wall. 

Have fun!
Drey $ Nicole

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