Monday, April 16, 2012

Six Miracle Dry Hair Repair Products

In my year as a receptionist at a high end hair salon, I got a lot of useful knowledge from the stylists. Beach living has got me busting out those tips once again because sun, sand, and salty water = super dry hair. I'm having to spend extra time and attention to my ends lately, cause lets face it, I don't want to look like an electrocuted animal while walking down the aisle! Here are some of my all time favorite miracle dry hair repair products. Let me know if you recommend anything amazing not listed below!

1. It's called "It's a 10" for a reason. Packed with 10 amazing nutrients in every bottle, this stuff is like fruit and veggies to your hair. Sunflower seeds, ginger extract, pomegranate, vitamin c, and noni oil are just some of natures goodness you'll find in these products.

2. Wait until you take a whiff of this stuff! All organic ingredients and "made with love" by an independent company called Carol's Daughter.

3. This ones found in the "ethnic" section, so you know it's good!

4. People used to come from out of town and stock up on this when I worked at the hair salon. It's the best of the best. The shampoo contains keratin, too!

5. Sexy Hair's Soy Milk Shampoo is one of the best for dry hair because it has no alcohols or fragrances. This Colour Goddess leave-in conditioner smells like the yummiest birthday cake!

6. The shampoo's good and all, but the real magic's in the refining sea polish. Pumice, aloe vera, and soy protein rub all the dry frizzies and split ends right out of your hair, while polishing it for shine. It's kind of like using an aloofa to rub off dead skin cells, or a facial scrub exfoliating your pours, only on your hair! It will feel so clean and silky afterwards. Probably my favorite product!

Have a good hair day,
Drey $ Nicole

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