Saturday, May 26, 2012

Strollin' through the LB

I've found myself looking forward to the weekends for my wonderful afternoon strolls with the pups. Mister works close so we head out about an hour before he gets off, to walk slow and truly take in our surroundings. Long Beach has such a retro, vintage, laid back vibe, mixed with some of the most beautiful trees and flowers I've seen anywhere. The weather is always the perfect 75 degrees, so you can imagine the endorphines that take over when the vitamin d starts soaking in. By the time we arrive to greet papa I'm clear headed, happy glowing, and smiling from ear to ear!

Beach House colors Pop /// Vintage Mailboxes
Flower Rows /// Huge windows on Old Homes
These smell like warm vanilla /// Purple Haze trees are my favorite
Architecture /// Green on Green on Green
Cactus Yard /// Sunset House
Retro Apartments /// Weeping Willows are so Beautiful
Homeless Foodies /// VW Vans are everywhere

Get outside today and see the beautiful details you've been over looking in your neighborhood!

Drey $ Nicole

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