Sunday, July 1, 2012

A little package Arrives

Yesterday I returned from the beach to find this little surprise waiting on my doorstep! I was especially excited because I knew it was the package containing one of my little bridesmaids dresses! Now, I can't show you the dress until the wedding come November, but it's pastel pink and I'm completely smitten! (It might be hard not to wear it out on the town before the wedding!) Mister tucked it away somewhere deep in the closet just in case! The other thing stuffed inside this adorably wrapped package, I can show you however. I wasn't anticipating this item like I was the dress, but turns out it kind of stole the spotlight! (It might just be because I'm not allowed to wear the dress.) Really though, I'm unexpectedly so in love with this little number, It was a real cherry on top! Can't thank  you enough, Vintage&Gee

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  1. nice. Pretty

  2. hi! i would love to follow you, but i can't see where's your GFC sidebar? where are you following me? :) lots of kisses

    love the colors