Sunday, July 22, 2012

Repeat Button

I couldn't help but think of this song all weekend long, every time I heard the word Aurora and the talk about the heartbreaking tragedy that took place in Aurora, Co Friday night. On my third round into this song on repeat, I searched for the blog belonging to one of the lives taken that night. Just last month the victim, Jessica Redfield, went off a gut feeling and escaped being caught up in a deathly shooting in a mall by only three minutes. In this particular blog post she shares her thoughts on that day, and the words are so eery and ironic given the horrific way her life was taken only two days ago. Just like last weeks repeat button, I was brought to tears and moved internally when combining the chilling words along with this beautiful music by one of my favorites, Bjork. If you haven't already read this blog post for yourself, I suggest you give it go HEREand give this magical song a listen. (Or two or three or four.)

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