Monday, August 20, 2012

Life is Good

I woke up this morning with a new start. A new start of a two week body cleanse and a new start after a well needed pick me up visit from my mama. It's weird getting used to an empty and quiet house again since they've left. I started the day off with the tastiest smoothie I've made myself to date and a handful of vitamins and cleanse detox capsules. Then I hopped on my squeaky new cotton candy blue schwinn and hit the town! I was coasting down to the beach at a higher speed than normal, (having not yet adjusted to gears and handle breaks) and  I slammed up a curb and ate it in front of a busy intersection! My day got better when I put on my favorite pandora station by the water and the vitamin d rays started soaking in! Then this creepy perv of a being came and parked himself right in front of the way I was laying, and on a Monday morning when the sand is wiped clean and cleared of the weekends crowd! How annoying and obvious can you be? It's like he saw me instagraming him though, because as soon as I posted his photo with a big Go away Creep, off he went! I wrapped up my sun bathing (we're trying to get our base tan on for our Florida trip in a few weeks!) and threw together a little post beach fruit and veggie snack on my new lazy susan. (Thanks for that, mom!) I love the contrast of a freshly showered body & warm skin from the sun, paired with cold & crisp fresh fruits and veggies. So refreshing! Life is good.
Contently yours,
Drey $ Nicole


  1. oh i always wanted to do that two week body cleanse, or just one week.. or at least few days would be nice.. but i love eating to much. and i never found some good body cleanse diet.. oh well :))

    glad that life is smiling to you ;)


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