Friday, November 2, 2012

Surprise Birthday Bash

Yesterday G turned 26 and I threw him a surprise bbq in our backyard. He got home from work and opened a few gifts, then we went in the back to "let the dogs out" and our friends were there waiting with a big "SURPRISE" shout! It was so much fun to see his face and know he was absolutely not expecting it. This was my first time ever putting together a surprise party, and his first time to have recieved one. We grilled burgers & hotdogs, had pizza, chips & dip, booze and an appearance from the Bentleys! (That pretty much consisted of begging for food.) When it got dark we moved everything inside and continued chatting until bedtime. I loved having our closest friends over to eat and celebrate!

Drey $ Nicole


  1. Looks like lots of fun! My daughters birthday was today! :)

  2. Also, how do we go about sponsoring on your blog?

    1. I swap buttons with other bloggers who want to swap, and for everyone else I use passionfruit. Thanks for pointing that out, I need to link that up!

  3. Aww it looks like such a great time!