Monday, January 21, 2013

a mama + a papa

We're now in the safe zone and I'm starting to "show," so I'm finally here to share with you  our big news! If you didn't guess from the title and the picture above, WE'RE HAVING A LITTLE BABY! If you know me personally, you know that I've kinda been obsessed with babies my whole life. I grew up wanting to be a pediatric nurse but ended up spending a couple of years as the lead infant teacher at a childcare center. I say "aww" anytime I see a baby within ten feet of me, and all my favorite blogs to follow are kiddie based. So! You can understand how thrilled we are to be having our very own little one, to take care of, stare at all day, and love with all of our hearts. We had a little scare at 11 weeks when I started bleeding heavily, putting us in the er for six hours. That was the first time we had an ultrasound and babies heart was strong and he/she was moving and dancing so much they couldn't even get a good screenshot. When G saw the screen he put his hand on his chest and went white. I thought he was going to faint, but I loved it and I'll never forget that look. Our worries were set to rest when the bleeding stopped and the results came back as a bladder infection. All is well with that now. Up until about 12 and half weeks I had a really hard time with nausea and fatigue. I was getting "morning" sickness, which should really be called all day sickness because it does just that, lasts. all. day. Particularly the sight of our Bentley's doodies, the thought of scrambled eggs, and the smell of grilled chicken were reoccuring triggers for my runs to the toilet. I'm nearing the end of 15 weeks now and all of the queeziness has totally settled, I'm recharged and loving everything about it. I'm just starting to show a little and G really wants to keep record of the progress, so we'll be doing weekly belly photos starting very very soon!

Drey $ Nicole