Saturday, January 19, 2013

Long Beach Livin'

1. My hair is finally long enough for a high sockbun and I couldn't be more excited
2. The most heavenly donut/coffee shop in long beach
3. A few of our favorite Trader Joes pickups- The salmon dip is TO DIE
4. Puzzling together has become our nightly hobby- This one is taking us weeks
5. A delicious cheddar, chipotle, avacado burger topped with crispy fried onion rings
6. I fell in love with this avacado beach house while getting lost on one of my daily walks
7. We took a quick trip to Texas to make up Christmas and spend NY with our families
8. All TX Bentley does at the dog park is whine at our feet to get in our laps and watch the others- antisocial/people lover

Drey $ Nicole

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