Monday, February 17, 2014

One month old Leo

The first month was full of lots of cuddles and staring and sleeping. We were on the highest high and unaware of anything going on around us that wasn't called Leo. We went on our first family walk of 3 + 2 pups, we read him his first story ever - The Lion King, we tackled the task of going to the grocery store and eating out for the first time with a baby, first Drs checkup, loads and loads of diapers, first football Sunday - which has become quite the thing with papa, met lots of family, and celebrated poppy and mama's first birthday as mama. Best gift e v e r. He flashed his little smile any time he was laid down to get his diaper changed, while watching his music mobile go round and round, and when someone said "oooo." He was most content swinging, rocking, or cuddling up with mama's milk. Let's me honest, that's my favorite too! He was a calm, happy, laid back baby and can we talk about that newborn baby smell?!

Drey $ Nicole

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