Sunday, June 3, 2012

Vintage Haul

I had absolutely no intention of doing any kind of thrifting today, but this morning while out, a small sign that read "Vintage Yard Sale" caught my eye and I whipped the car around in a second. You know that saying about love and other really good junk that goes something like, "When you stop looking, it'll come to you." Well you can bet this is the perfect instance to use that infamous phrase, because this is what I picked up this morning, ALL AT ONE SPOT! (That's rare!)

Crosley record/radio/cd/tape Player
Floral & Gold woven basket Stool (Top opens)
Two lovely metal Dinner Trays
Two adorable "set of 4" laminated Lee prints (8 total, weee!)
Two spring/summer Floral Tanks
Three PERFECT long necklaces
The sweetest Salmon Dress I ever did see
Gorgeous Lace detail
Vintage seating in Candy Red
Four very thick crochet Pot Holders
Mushroom Wall Hanging
Over a yard long of Embroidered vintage wall art

Feelin' Lucky,
Drey $ Nicole


  1. Nice dress! Cute post!

    Much love from the SABO SKIRT girls!
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  2. That is quite the haul! Holy moly I don't think I've ever found that much good stuff at one place!


  3. Wow, you found lots of wonderful things! Great post :) xx