Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Dear Baby: Week 26

Dear Baby,
You officially have a place to lay your little head and it looks so comfy that I sometimes just wanna crawl in there and take a nap. Your papa picked out a stuffed bear for you, and as you'll come to know, he has a little bit of a bear obsession. He liked it because it looks like a real life bear, and not the typical plush teddy. He's already waiting for you in the corner of your crib. I can't wait to see you lug him around everywhere and even name him when you start to talk. Your favorite times to move are very late at night, when there's music playing, and when I drink a lot of water at once. These must be a few of your favorite things and I just love getting to know your personality already. I'm sure you noticed the amount of sweets I've been feeding you lately. They're the only real craving I've had this whole time and they've been attacking for a couple weeks now. I've loved baking so many new things, but I think the urges are finally dying down. It's a good thing too because I have to take the blood glucose test at the Dr. next week to check for diabetes. We always have very healthy results across the board though, so I'm not too worried about it. Packages of clothing and things just for you are slowly coming in from friends and family, and your wardrobe is just adorable. We're coming up on week 27 in two days, and that means we'll be in the third and final stage! The books say that by this time and on you have a very good chance of surviving if you were to come out, but as much as we can't wait to see you, you have my permission to stay in there for three more months. I'd rather you finish your last little developments and be fully ready to come home with us when you get out then stuck in a sterile hospital. Besides, if your gonna come out of my comfy belly, you're gonna want the easy transition to your cozy crib at home and not the hard hospital one. A few people lately have asked if I'm around 3 months and are totally shocked when I correct them and say 6. They're probably just trying to be nice but it always makes my day anyway. As long as you're growing and are healthy in there, I don't care how I look right now. Mama and Papa love you little cub! XOXO MAMABEAR

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