Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Dear Baby: Week 29

Dear Baby,
Lots has happened for us over the last few weeks. We had to do the dreaded blood glucose test to see how my body is processing sugar. I had to fast and then drink a super sugary drink, wait an hour and then get my blood taken. The drink was pretty tasty despite what I'd heard, but I almost blacked out during the hours wait. I've come to find out the reason for that and for other recent light headed spells are because I've picked up anemia. The baby Dr. prescribed iron pills, so we should be feeling better soon! We've started visiting her every two weeks now, and the next couple times we go we're seeing someone new. They want us to get familiar with all of the staff so we feel comfortable with whoever happens to be on call when you decide to make your big appearance. Fingers crossed that it's the one we've been seeing the last 8 months though. I'm back to being pretty tired all the time again, my energy runs out fast. I feel the best when we go on our walks, stay active and eat light meals. I've been sleeping pretty good through the night once I can actually fall asleep. My body pillow has been a real lifesaver. It's getting hard to do little things like pick something up from the ground, stand up from our low bed, shave my legs, etc. When I think about it too hard I start to feel a little claustrophobic in this body, so I have to detour my mind and think about the positive. We got your carseat and stroller this week and we're so in love! We chose a British brand that is sharp, slim and sleek. You're going to look so handsome riding around! Knock on wood I don't have any stretch marks at this point, however I feel like my belly is stretched as far as it will go and we still have 10 weeks left. I'm going to continue caking on the coconut oil twice a day and hope for the best! See you soon little bear! We love you! -XOXO MAMABEAR

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