Thursday, April 25, 2013

Doggy Beach Day

A couple days ago we packed up the pups and went to the dog beach to watch the sunset. The dog beach is on the regular beach, only they have a very large coned of section that is designated for the dogs to roam. Most of the dogs that go there are very well trained and can stay within the cones, but TX Bentley had kind of a hard time grasping the concept. He did do better this time than the last time we went, so I will give him that. He mingled with the other dogs, sprinted through the sand back and forth between G and me, and even got down close to the water on his own. He loved it! LB was social and well behaved as always, but we've noticed a huge decrease in interest since getting him nuetered. He's still friendly with other dogs, he just seems to have a shorter attention span with them. He sniffed everyone out, ran around for a little while and then was just over it. Before he was the one to keep playing even after we'd call for him and tell him we were going bye bye. I love having a place other than the yard to let them run around and let some energy out, and it's a place we can enjoy too!

PS. Aren't those daddy/doggy footprints just the cutest!?
Drey $ Nicole


  1. Some Yorkies are all thin and wimpy looking, others are cute like teddy bears. Yours is cute like a teddy bear! :)