Tuesday, June 12, 2012

First flights Together!

This past weekend mister and I flew to Texas for a few days to be with my family, and to go to my Grandma's funeral. While the reasons were due to a sad event, it was our first time flying together and I was super excited! We were at the airport before the sunrise for our flight at 7am. We got breakfast and coffee, and everything went smoothly!

 Thanks to both of my in-laws working for airlines, we get to fly to places for free! (A personal chef AND free travel?! Wew.) Flying for free comes with waiting, because you're only getting on if there are open seats at the very last minute. This particular day lots of employees were flying standby like us, and they got to jump ahead of everyone on the waiting list. This caused us to get stuck in New Mexico until 7pm! 

It was kind of fun though, like the movie where the guy lives in the mall! We shopped around, made friends with a few old couples, had dinner and people watched, and took naps where ever we wanted! Plus mister stays positive and upbeat even in the most irritating situations, so he always keeps my attitude in check when I start to get upset!

Thankful $ Drey

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  1. That's such a uniquely positive outlook on flying, it's really refreshing! I'm glad you had a fun day but I'm sorry about your grandmother :(