Thursday, June 21, 2012

Treat the Dogs Day

Today unintentionally became a day revolved around treating our little pups. We started with our usual early morning walk around the block, only we went a little further to check out the new pet store in town. They had a mixed doggy treat station that are all edible for humans as well! We tasted and the boys tasted and we picked up a pound of our favs. We also got them a few mini tennis balls that we've discovered are a thousand percent more preferred than any fancy smancy toy we've gotten them! We came home, packed up and headed off to the dog park! Long Beach Bentley took off immediately and greeted all the other dogs, and Tx Bentley hung back with us. They have such opposite personalities! Mister and little B had such cute bonding time in an hour long game of fetch (that was absolutely adorable to watch might I add.)
We stayed until they came and rested under our lawn chairs and then they got their special oatmeal and honey shampoo baths. We brushed them and dryed them and played a little more fetch, and then they were out like babies with long deep breaths. Days like these make my heart smile, and scare me to think of even more love we'll feel with our babies. 
What do you do when you give your little pups a special day?
Drey $ Nicole

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  1. love your blog and your pups! one looks like my Norman. so cute. I am from LA but just moved to TX 6 months ago. I miss Cali. Long Beach is such a hip new area. I remember it being real industrial back in the day but we got to spend some time there before we left the LA area to move to NorCal and now here we are deep in south Texas. Love seeing ur pics!