Thursday, December 6, 2012

California to Texas Roadtrip

Our roadtrip from California to Texas a few weeks ago was very interesting to say the least! We were originally going to fly, but because we were going to be away from home for two weeks for our wedding and honeymoon, (which were both amazing, by the way!) we had to take the Bentley pups and loads of wedding decorations. We regretfully started our 24 hour drive off at 8pm just after mister got home from work and we got the car all packed up. Why did we leave when the sun was going down instead of getting a good nights rest and setting off in the morning? Well, my stubborn self was dead set on leaving ASAP because I had the strongest craving for taco bueno's party burritos and you can only get them in Texas. Yeah, that's Driving with no sleep was absolutely miserable! We switched off on driving 4 hour shifts while the other slept. I was woken up at 3am in Arizona by G yelling that he was getting pulled over, which resulted in a warning for going 73 in a 65, but a ticket for driving with a suspended license. (Those darn dui's will haunt you forever, folks.) After we settled down from that set back, our adrenalines kicked back in at the Texas border. When pulling through that pesky little "border patrol" station, our car was quickly surrounded by law enforcement and a k9 was circling us. We were asking to pull aside and step out of the car with our dogs on leashes, and were escorted a few feet away. As we watched a HUGE dog jump into our car, stepping all over our delicate wedding decorations, fancy fur coats and crunchy snacks, we were being questioned for gun and drug possession. Just as I was getting too worked up for my own good, they told us the dog found nothing and we were free to go. (But not before Tx Bentley marked his territory on some of their things!) We finally reached my parent's house a little over 24 hours later with a big bag of party burritos in tow and immediately went to sleep! 
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  1. Congratulations on your wedding! And that is the cutest dang picture of TX Bentley!