Friday, December 28, 2012

Honeymoon Part III

Hands down the best thing about Steamboat Springs is how friendly everyone we came in contact was. From the bus ride full of locals on the way there, to our last day in the town, the people we met were so nice and helpful! We got loads and loads of tips and suggestions for activities and places to eat. We were offered rides to landmarks by waiters we had known only minutes. We were given phone numbers, facebook info, food and drinks on the house everywhere we went. I even got a 20 dollar tshirt free from one restaraunt as a souvenir from the bartender, because she wanted us to remember our time Steamboat. The hospitality was such a nice contrast from the fast paced, fake plastic people we have here in California. The whole town was so small and quaint, and we saw the same people multiple times at different places. We became known all around as "The Honeymooners" and when someone recognized us, they'd be sure to yell it out! We still keep in contact via facebook with one of our favorite couples, who owned the deli in most of the photos seen above, and we've decided to make Steamboat an annual (if not, every few years) vacation/anniversary spot. We love you Steamboat!
Drey $ Nicole

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