Saturday, December 22, 2012

Honeymoon Part I

The morning after our wedding we set off for Steamboat Springs, Colorado. It was a good change going somewhere so cold and snowy since we live in the always warm and sunny California. We had to pick a place kind of last minute since mister's passport didn't arrive in time, so we didn't really have a game plan when we got there. We met a few friendly locals on the four hour bus ride from Denver airport to Steamboat, and they all brainstormed and came up with a list of must do's and must eats! I also threw up in G's gloves on that bus ride, couln't handle all the curves up the moutains. Oops! Anyway, we used the list as a guide all week and we fell in love with the town. The first day was spent vibing everything out, and we hiked a mountain we heard a lot about so we could get a good look at the town from overhead. We went on a long walk through the town just talking and spending time together. The rest of the week was just as fun and romantic, but you'll have to stay tuned for all that!

Drey $ Nicole