Sunday, March 31, 2013

Repeat Button

I had pandora playing this afternoon while I was in the kitchen whipping up banana bread. The windows were open, the sun was shinning through and I was really in my element. Baking has been my favorite lately, it's so therapeutic and I love mixing while daydreaming. Anyway, this Fats Waller song came on and instantly snapped me out of la-la land. It made me smile and want to dance, and the best part, baby started moving like crazy. I think he loved it too. As soon as it was over I pulled it up on youtube and played it a few times more. I love this style of jazz, and it's actually the genre that my all time favorite, Amy Winehouse grew up listening to and pulled most of her own song inspiration from. Have a listen!

Hope you're all having a wonderful Easter!
Drey $ Nicole

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  1. Thanks for the share. LOVE his facial expressions! Haha