Monday, May 6, 2013

A new Harness

We got the Bentley's new harnesses over the weekend so it's more gentle on them when we're walking, instead of being pulled by their tiny little necks. We found some with lots of under body padding, and they seem to just love them! I think they like having anything snug around their bodies. TX Bentley has always gone crazy when he sees G start to fold up a bandana to put around his neck, and you can find LB Bentley wrapped tightly in a blanket when he's not eating or out on a walk. We took them to the dog park down the street and they were happier than ever. TX played fetch for a good hour, when usually he sits on the bench with us and just watches the other pups. We agreed that we love picking up little toys and treats and doing nice things for them now and then. It always puts a little pep in their step and makes us smile!

Drey $ Nicole

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