Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Dear Baby: Week 31

Dear Baby,
You're getting so big! I can feel your knees and elbows slide against the inside of my belly when you move now. Your bones are so sturdy and sharp. It feels the same as sliding a knuckle in a cupped palm, only from the inside out- so crazy! We went to the Dr. today and we're at 31 weeks, 5 days, but you're measuring at 32 weeks which is just fine. Your heart rate was a strong 140 and we always love hearing it beat so loud and fast on the doppler. I weighed in at the exact same amount as when we went two weeks ago, so the prenatal workouts sure are paying off. I've really got that pep back in my step and have felt much more energized taking those iron pills twice a day. I got a little taste of the first trimester sickness this week though when I drank some acai pomegranate juice with breakfast. To be sure I drank it the following day with my iron pill before eating and sure enough, that was the cause. It's always been my favorite juice so hopefully I'll be able to handle it again when you're out of there. The books say that you're fully formed at this point and look the way you're gonna look at birth, you're just adding on fat now along with other tiny tweeks. I just can't wait to see your little face, so much so that we're going to see you in 3D/4D at the end of this month when your grandparents come to visit! Keep growing strong and big so they can see you! We love you tons little boy. XOXO MAMABEAR

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