Tuesday, October 30, 2012

And they're off!

We bought this electric typewriter at the first shop we went to, but it didn't end up working when we got it home. We returned it and found an older one in the dreamiest mint, for a better price too!
I used an online diy generator to make, print and handcut each invitation. Printed on white stock paper.
We had a tough time finding envelopes big enough to fit our 'playbill' sized invites, so we decided to opt out on them! Instead, we simply folded them in half and held the ends together with gold seal sticker we found at a local craft store. We used a thrifted 1950's typewriter to address each name on the outside of the invitations, and added stamps that we thought tied in best with what we were going for. Once each invite reaches it's destination, it'll have a worn vintage look that'll give the guests a glimpse of what's to come at the wedding!
I had to refer to our practice sheet several times at the start of the typewriter adventures. That sweet little sentence in the middle of the page was the only thing keeping me from throwing this bulky thing out of our two story window. We had trouble replacing the ribbon and getting everything to move smoothly, and I couldn't make one single mistake (which I kept doing) because you can't simply 'erase' on a typewriter! Giancarlo gets the award for being better at this one, I'll admit it.
Note* The addresses were blurred for discretion- I wasn't THAT bad at the typewriter!
So it's official, they're off! We've dropped them in the bin and sent them out into the world with our love! The wedding milestones like this are the ones that make me all anxious and excited that it's getting so close! Keep your eyes peeled to your mailboxes this week, family & friends!

Drey $ Nicole


  1. THIS. Is ingenius. And amazing. I'm so jealous! I want a typewriter so baddd.

  2. I hate to be nosey.. but what online generator did you use? I'm having trouble with my invitations.