Saturday, October 13, 2012

Long Beach Livin'

My life this week via Iphone photos:
(More like the last couple of weeks because I'm a little behind over here!)

1. Waiting for the Mr. to get off of work with our favorite little shots! Isn't it just unfair the view he gets to walk out of work and see?!
2. I gave someone the dirtiest look for throwing something out of their car window, but felt so silly when I saw it was the paper man. Oops!
3. Gian made this basil & olive oil flatbread topped with smoked mozorella & spinach. It was delicious!
4. The annual pirate festival has started around these parts and I love the vibe.
5. I thrifted some floral lace and hung them for curtains.
6. This is 100% my absolute dream car as is. No changes. Perfection!
7. Mint window swoon. I want to do this to our home!
8. In love with this pretty cobalt tribal tile I found on a walk!
9. I finally remembered to get some polish on these toes of mine.
10. Tx Bentley loving an early morning car ride alongside the ocean.
11. Guac, smoked cheese & bacon burger at home.
12. I ran out of gas, walked home, loaded up my bike and rode to my car.
13. Had too much fun at my bestie's housewarming party!
14. Evening walks with all the boys! Love having Mr. home all afternoon now.
15. I can't believe I washed my car after 7 months! It happened.
16. Happy hour with the most handsome!

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  1. You are really having a great time. Cool pics <3