Monday, October 1, 2012

The Bentley's Birthday Party

TX Bentley turned 6 years old today (42 in canine years eek!) and we celebrated with some festivities! We were also acknowledging LB Bentley for turning three, because he was a rescue and there sadly was no known birth date on his records. Besides they're both named Bentley, they're practically twins anyway! We threw together a little party for them using only things we already had lying around the house, then picked up some new toys and loads of gourmet treats and tasty bones! We went on a couple really long walks around town, got our favorite oatmeal and honey bath followed by a blow dry of course, and a 30 minute puppy massage. We've currently been muching on our new raw hide sticks for the last three hours. In the same spot. I love birthdays and I love my boys even more!

Drey $ Nicole