Tuesday, October 23, 2012

We heart Target!

Target does it again! We spent five, yes FIVE hours inside of Target yesterday on our long shopping adventure. That time was taken up mostly by having fun in the sunglasses, hat, and jewelry department, playing dress up and laughing at each other. We had a ton of fun in the fitting room too, trying on the many outfits we picked out for one another. Some good, which we were excited to bring home, some not so much. We picked up a toaster oven, which we are SO THRILLED about, having been stuck with a bum oven for almost a year. Get ready for lots of baking and oven meals on our Monday posts! We each picked out a movie to add to our collection, some over the knee socks for me, dress socks for him, iphone gloves and too many pumpkin flavored goods. Well, can you even have too many? I mean...

Drey $ Nicole


  1. Sounds like you had tons of fun! I love those spice jars! I always see them and say one day I'll buy all of them lol
    xo sandra

    1. They're a little pricy aren't they?! The only reason we didn't get any, but I loved the look of them!