Saturday, October 20, 2012

Long Beach Livin'

My life this week via Iphone photos:

1. A cute little puppy bunny named Tx Bentley!
2. I organized my fall time clothes and it feels so refreshing.
3. Sleeping in and waking up next to this guy on his days off are the very best days.
4. Rainy day thrifty shopping with the cutest.
5. Apple pie a la mode pudding. It's a real thing.
6. Tx Bentley jumped in my arms like scooby doo when a big dog barked.
7. We love Maury here at our house. Even the pups!
8. I still can't believe I get to marry this handsome face just next month. EEk!
9. Post office run with Tx Bentley to send off some of our etsy goods.
10. A cute double date night with our sweet friends.
11. A day after getting nuetured, LB Bentley was back to his puppy self.
12. Downtown Long Beach sometimes reminds me of London, but with palm trees.
13. Tx Bentley snug as a bug in a rug with mama.
14. Wearing this dress with 'November Skies' playing in my ears makes me feel fairy-like.

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