Monday, June 10, 2013

A peek at our baby in 3D

Here is our little babe in 3D at 34 weeks! We drove an hour to our appointment and were so excited to see him, and then he had his back toward us. We tried getting him to move by turning side to side, chugging ice cold water, walking around and peeing. He didn't budge. We were forced to move on for the sake of others piling up in the waiting room, but we were fortunate enough to snag an opening spot 3 hours later. Since we were an hour from home we killed time by eating lunch, doing a little shopping, and sucking down a reeses blast just before heading back. We were told anything cold and sweet would help him to move. Move he did, but this time he was blocking his face with his sweet little fists. After twisting and turning up on the table again, and having two people team up to push on my belly full of ice cream, he finally gave up and showed us a quick little peek at that preciously plump face of his. We got tons of photos and  a video of the whole session so we can see him moving around in there any time we want. They even went into HD at the end, which shows him so clearly it looks like he's just under bath water.  He was moving his lips and trying to open and close his eyes, and his cheeks just melt us into a big puddle. I can't wait to kiss this little babe. WE ARE SO IN LOVE!

Drey $ Nicole

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