Tuesday, June 4, 2013

A visit from the Parents

My parents came to Long Beach on their vacation last week to visit, and it was the best. We took them to some of our favorite local restaurants (Eggs Etc, MVP Burger & Belmont Brewing Company to name a few). We laid out every day at their hotel pool and I finally got a little bit of color that I've so desperately wanted, even if it was red color and not brown color. We got to watch a little bit of cable tv which is always a treat to me having basic tv. We walked to the shops of Retro Row and picked up a few goods, went to Hollywood and saw the sign, the famous farmer's market and the grove. There we stumbled upon a maternity fashion show/book signing party for Rosie Pope of the tv show "Pregnant in Heels." (More on that coming soon.) On our way out we caught Kree Harrison from American Idol taking photos and doing signings in the Extra circle. We went and saw a live taping of the Chelsea Lately show (which was better than Jimmy Kimmel in my opinion), and we saw our precious little in 3D, 4D &HD. He was awfully stubborn about showing himself so we had to make a day out of it, coming back and forth to the dr's office and killing time between appointments shopping and scarfing down reese's blasts to make him move. In the end we got a good glimpse and some adorable photos. (Again, coming soon!) My dad tried his very first Arnold Palmer drink which was hilarious to me, how curious and amused he was over it all. We shared lots of treats and time together in the hotel's concierge lounge laughing and making friends with the sweetest staffer, Lucielle. They finally got to try G's famous hotdog creations which was more exciting for me than anyone else, I think! I'm just a big proud sidekick. The week went too fast and I'm already bugging them about making the arrangements to come out in August for my dad's 50th birthday weekend. I just wish all of our family could move and be here all the time! Bittersweet. 

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