Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Dear Baby: Week 35

We are officially in countdown mode! We had two baby showers for you in the last two weeks - one planned and one a surprise for your papa from all of his work buddies. You have lots of new goodies and so much love from so many people that can't wait to meet you! We ended up seeing you in 3D last week after all and let me tell you little one, you were stubborn. We had to work for it but you showed us that sweet little face and it was really something special. We're going to register and take a tour of the hospital this week so we know what to expect and where to go when the big day comes. The Dr. tells us you may come just a tad bit early too because I'm currently at 1cm already. Eeeek! That's a little scary and exciting all at once. I got the whooping cough shot while we were there to protect you when you come out into this world. Your papa has to get one too. Finally some kind of pain on his part! We spent an afternoon taking pictures together with you in the bump this weekend and I can't wait to get the end results! In just about 5 short weeks we'll be taking your newborn photos and sending out announcement cards to all of the people waiting for you to join us! You are so loved little boy! XOXO MAMABEAR

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