Saturday, March 17, 2012

The 'Bentleys' Dilemma

Since moving into mister's Long Beach home, we quickly discovered a dramarama dog dilemma. Both of our dogs are named Bentley! No joke, believe it! I named my Bentley the name Bentley when I got him four years ago, thinking he looked like an old classy man that'd drive a Bentley and smoke cigars with that scruffy face of his. Gian got his Bentley with the name already, and kept it as is. We didn't think this would be such a big problem, I mean, they're dogs, but we were wrong. Within the first hour home there were lots of "Where's Bentley?" "My Bentley or your Bentley?" "Bentley, do you want to go for a walk?" "Noo, not you yet, the other one!" What do we do? Change one of their names? But they both know their names very well! Bentley 1 and Bentley 2? Give me advice!

Mama of 2 B's,
Drey $ Nicole

P.S. - What a cute little stepbrother dynamic these two have created! Long Beach Bentley was a little excited and pushy at first, while mine was annoyed and hesitant. A couple days later and they're BFFS! I can walk them both at the same time and they stay side by side. When one stops to pee or one is lagging behind, the other stops and waits for him to catch up. So cute!

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