Sunday, March 18, 2012

A little bit of shopping drama

Today I went thrifting and found this adorable little baby sweater. A couple girls were pushing around a baby girl in a stroller and they kept eyeing me and the goods I was carrying around. I spotted an amazing 70's chair/ottoman combo, and went to tell the man at the register that I wanted it. He took the sweater from me, sat it on the register's counter, and told me to follow him and show him which chair. When we got back to the register, you guessed it, the sweater was GONE. He asked a couple employees if they grabbed it, no luck. I told him I think those two girls got it because they wouldn't take their eyes off me with it. I looked them in the eyes and started to walk right up to them. They saw me coming and quick grabbed the sweater, held it out and said, "Are you looking for this? Here you go. We thought you didn't want it anymore, sorry." Mhm...thank you! As I was walking home to get the truck to load the chair, I couldn't help but feel a little guilty when I got to thinking, "Hey, they already had a little baby to buy this I go again shopping for a non existent seed." Oh well, in a couple years when you get here baby girl, I promise you'll have a wardrobe to be proud of. (Watch me have a boy now.)

Drey $ Nicole

P.S.- Bentley made this chair his spot the second we placed it on the floor.

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