Monday, March 5, 2012

A Monday night tradition

Okay, so I have a three guilty pleasure show limit. Whether it’s The Bachelor, American Idol, or Big Brother, we’ve got a routine for it. Currently we’re on The Bachelor so it’s a Monday night ritual, but it changes to Tuesdays and sometimes Thursdays come summer time. My stepmom, we’ll call her Marmie, (a “Little Women” reference) and I meet at our favorite place, Pei Wei. We talk, gossip, catch up, and eat wonderful foods. The manager there knows us well because no kidding, this has been our weekly routine for about 3 years now, same spot. He calls us by name, gives us extra attention and even appetizers and meals on the house here and there! We kill just enough time to let tivo do it’s job, then we go home and watch commercial free! I think it’s cute and fun and I can always count on that day. I’ve got a strong thing for traditions and routines. Do you have any guilty pleasures or little traditions with your family and friends?!

For the love of reality television,
Drey $ Nicole

P.S. - The kitties love The Bachelor too!

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