Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Final Destination

Twenty-seven hours, eight red bulls, three five hour energys and two sodas later, we're finally here! It wasn't so bad with staying overnight in El Paso, trading off, and stopping often. We even picked up a few goodies at a New Mexico giftshop. There was a Mexican blanket/pancho 3 for $19.99 deal that we snatched up, racking in a pink, black and white blanket, pancho style hoodie in turquoise for mister, and a pink one for our unborn baby girl. No we're NOT expected...we just couldn't find one that I liked for me, and the little girl one was just too cute to leave behind! We also got a shotglass for my mom's collection, fridge magnets for every state we drove through on the trip (currently up displaying a few photos we snapped back home while visiting with my sister), and of course fireworks for Gian. I jogged down the side of an interstate at sunrise for the first time in my life. We stopped at all the state line signs and took pictures! In Phoenix, Arizona we went to a little Mexican food spot called Los Taquitos, that was featured on the show 'Diners, drive-ins and Dives.' It originated out of a taco truck, run by five sisters and a brother. They've now worked their way up to their own restaurant, and it was amazing! We're here in Long Beach now getting everything unpacked and settled in, and then the posts will become regular again! Stay tuned for new life updates!

California $ Girl

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