Saturday, February 23, 2013

Baby Shower Wishlist

Because our family and friends are spread out in about four different states and we won't be able to travel until after baby's here, we decided to take advantage of the modern technology we've got and have an online baby shower. Maybe we'll have a real one once we can fly again, but baby will already be here and that's just backwards! So here is a list of some things we've been eyeing and have fallen in love with for our little boy. You can click on the links below to go directly to the products webpage. These are all also posted on our universal registry, along with a few more little things. You can go there to see what's already been bought and what we still need.
What we Want/Need:
1. Geometric Baby Mobile - All Modern
2. Reusable Cloth Diapers - Bum Genius
3. Nursery Night Light - Common Rebels
4. Bumbo Floor Seat/Tray - Target Online
5. Quinny Zapp Stroller - Albee Baby
6. White Gulliver Crib/Matress - Ikea
7. Cloth Diaper Sprayer - Bum Genius
8. White Antilop Highchair - Ikea
9. Legare Wooden Toybox - Overstock
10. Baby Food Processor - Piyo Piyo
11. Crane Drop Humidifier - Target Online
12. Crochet Donut Rattles - Huckleberry Faye
13. Stuffed Balthazar Doll - Lucky Boy Sunday
14. Baby Wrap Carrier - Solly Baby
15. Calming Shampoo/Body - Amazon
16. Manual Breast Pump - Amazon
17. Lightweight Swaddler - Dapperdills Baby
18. Glass Bottle/Silicone Sleeve - Amazon
19. Whale Bath Spout Cover - Skip Hop
20. Puj 'Flyte' Infant Tub - Nordstrom
What we Already Have:
1. Car Seat
2. Changing Table
3. Baby Swing
4. Play Table
5. Baby Afghan Blanket
We're most likely forgeting some obvious newborn necessities, but these are just some of the big things that we can think of for putting his nursery together and getting him around. Lots of disposable diapers and clothes in different sizes are alway welcome too, of course! We really like plain, bold stripes, earth tones, black and white, neutrals, neon colors and plaid. Please no screen printed cartoon characters or cheesy saying, as cute and funny as they can sometimes be! You can never go wrong with Target. We will put up a blog post just before baby's here showing photos of the goodies we've recieved. A real virtual baby shower!
If anyone would like to send baby boy gifts, you can email us for the address at:

Drey $ Nicole

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