Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Dear Baby: Week 17 & 18

Dear sweet little baby,
You really have been growing a lot lately! People are starting to look at my belly now instead of my face and I think their trying to figure out if I have you in there, or if I ate a very big lunch. This week has been so warm and we took a walk down to the pier. There were so many seals out and I wished so bad that you could come out and see them too. I imagined your face lighting up and your eyes getting big while pointing at them and looking up at your papa and me. I miss seeing you so much but in just five days we will get to see you on that teeny black & white screen again! This time we will find out for sure whether you're a little boy or girl and we can hardly wait! The books say that you can hear us now, so we've been talking and singing and playing some music for you to enjoy in there. I hope the Bentleys aren't scaring you when they bark. Tx Bentley has been very clingy and loves to snuggle up against my belly every second of the day. I wonder if he can sense that you're in there and I bet he's going to be so protective of you. I know you'll love him too because he looks like a little stuffed animal and he's just the sweetest. I've been having the most crazy vivid dream lately, like riding on whale's backs in the ocean, sliding down a water park slide on my big belly, and saving a bunch of children from a school bus that got into an accident. I remember about four dreams almost every night and it's been fun. It makes me anxious to hear all the stories and fantasies your little imagination will come up with someday. You might have noticed all the hammering and movements I've been making. I think I have what they call nesting. I have this constant urge to put on happy dancing music and clean and organize everything, and I keep zoning out imagining your crib here or your changing table there. Oh, and guess what baby? I think I might have felt you kick! It's happened a few times and it feels like the lightest little thump, but I can't yet figure out if it's you or bubbles or food moving around. I keep trying to be totally still and just focus on my belly so I can know for sure. You will get so much bigger soon and I'll be able to see and feel you move! We love you so much little bear. XOXO Mama