Saturday, February 16, 2013

Long Beach Livin'

My life this week via iphone photos:

1. My Valentines Day outfit + the 20 week bump
2. A chocolate covered strawberry treat by the hubs
3. I made some scones for our grammy watch and they were delish
4. My gramma's birthday was on vday and I just knew she was having a huge tea party in the clouds with her favorite lady, Princess Di
5. The cutest + yappiest pup that I pass on my walks everyday
6. Don't accidentally leave a giftcard in your car's cupholder or you'll come out to your window looking like this the next day
7. You have to just smile when you see the front of this old vw van
8. A typical lunch for me: grilled salmon, whole wheat pasta with pepper + olive oil and mixed nuts. My favorite kind of meal

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