Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Dear Baby: Week 21

Dear Baby,
It seems like you had a major growth spurt practically overnight sometime this week! I'm really starting to get that noticable bump, so much so that strangers are asking me tons of questions and congratulating me. I've been selling lots of clothes to make room (and money) for you in the closet, mostly just old stuff I don't wear anymore or can't fit in. I'm having to get creative with my outfits now because nothing fits the same, but that just means you're healthy and growing on track and besides, you're worth it. We made an official baby shower list of things for you and your nursery, and we're so so excited about our picks. I've been meaning to thank you for this lucious hair you've been giving me lately! I don't think it's ever been so thick and shiny and healthy looking and I've worked in a hair salon before! Proof that little babies are simply more magical than even the most expensive hair products. Keep growing and moving for me, sweet bear! We love you more than all the chocolate in the world! XOXO MAMABEAR 

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  1. CONGRATS! Dude, the name of your blog is so fab, LOVE IT. PS- LBC fo lyfe! (Just moved to Costa Mesa from LBC...ain't the same!) LOVE that top, SOOOOO gorg.