Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Dear Baby: Week 19 "It's a...!"

Dear Baby,
You're a BOY! I was so excited to see you yesterday that I couldn't sleep! We had a little scare when the nurse took your picture and typed "three arms," but then she went back and erased it and decided one of those was indeed a wee. Your papa is pretty proud of that. We weren't too surprised when she told us because that was her 90% guess last month, but it was exciting to know for sure! Now I can really picture you in your teeny boy outfits we got you! The appointments where we get to see you are our absolute favorites, and we think they should happen more than once a month. Your little face is precious baby. The size of your head matches your body now, your nose is small and round, and your lips are plump and puckered. I added your new pictures to our fridge right away and I can't stop looking at them all. Now I know for sure that I've been feeling you, too! When you made any big movements while we were watching you on the screen, I could feel the same little flutter I've been feeling for the last couple of weeks! It was so magical and reasuring. The Dr. says your growing perfectly and everything is normal. She said our walks are paying off too because I only gained one pound this month and that means we're right on track. Keep working and growing baby, you're do so good! Mama and Papa love you so so much! XOXO Mamabear

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