Sunday, February 17, 2013

Repeat Button: Baby Bump Playlist

Here's our sweet baby boy at 19 weeks + 5 days. I can't stop looking at his little face! I put together a group of songs that make me think of him when they come on, and I've been playing them over and over on my belly for him to listen to. Instead of turning on the telly, I pop on this little playlist while I eat my breakfast or while I'm working on things throughout the day, and it's like my happy time. The lyrics are all something I felt relatable to our bond already and it just puts me in a good, calm mood every time I listen. The books say that he can hear now and any songs we play for him in the womb will trigger something for him once he's out. Studies have shown that babies can remember certain songs and melodies that were played for them before birth and it can be super soothing when they hear them again. I can already imagine making a little cd of this playlist and playing it in baby boy's nursery for him to fall asleep to!

Baby Bump Playlist by dreynicole on Grooveshark
Drey $ Nicole

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